Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

Americans distrusting Big Pharma seek traditional Chinese cures

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NEW YORK — When uninitiated Americans think of traditional Chinese medicine, their first thoughts might be of an elderly Asian man performing acupuncture behind a curtain, or someone’s grandmother dishing out a questionable concoction of pungent herbs.

But the contrast between the old images and current reality is as different as yin and yang, as mass-produced herbal remedies can be ordered at the click of an app by Western practitioners of Eastern medicine who may have never set foot in Asia.

Now America is beset by an opioid epidemic — a national health emergency fueled by doctor prescriptions of extremely addictive painkilling narcotics and fed by money from the pharmaceutical industry. It is hardly a surprise that alternative pain treatments like acupuncture are gaining support and recognition.

Traditional Chinese medicine first found a niche here among those let down by or frustrated with Western medicine and the opaque financial dealings of Big Pharma. Read More

The German Development Corporation has supported some members of the Ghana Federation of Herbal Medicine Practitioners Associations (GHAFTRAM) to understudy Vietnam’s World Health Organisation (WHO) complaint.

A statement signed by Mr William Kojo Odum Eduful, the President of GHAFTRAM and copied to the Ghana News Agency noted that Mr Bernard Kofi Turkson, a Medical herbalist with the Ghana health Service, Ms Annabella Adade, a Medical Herbalist, Mr Joseph Kofi Takyi, the Regional Chairman of GHAFTRAM, Ashanti region were among those supported.

The others were Dr Mohammed Kweku Edu, Chief Executive Officer of Edu Herbal and an Advisor to GHAFTRAM Central Region and Dr Isaac Kingsley Amponsah, a Senior lecturer at the Department of Herbal Medicine in the Kwame Nkrumah University of Technology were supported to gain knowledge in herbal medicine.

The participants were being hosted by the Ha Noi University of Pharmacy (HUP) for the 2 weeks from May 6 to May 20. Read More

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