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Best Indian Beauty products companies

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India’s cosmetics and grooming industry market size is expected to rise manifold to $35 billion by 2035. The joint study by Assocham and research agency MRSS India pegged the current market size at $6.5 billion. The herbal cosmetic industry is expected to grow at 12 per cent in India.

While India is huge market for foreign beauty product companies, we do have a fair share list of ‘Make in India’ beauty product companies which are both loved and are popular.


A brand that was originally started by Tata on the insistence of the then prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Tata then sold it to Hindustan Unilever. Lakme provides a wide range of products, of great quality and quantity. Their range begins from those affordably priced to the professional level range. Their range includes skin care products, makeup products, nail products etc. Its range covers beauty products for regular use to use by makeup artists. They are sponsors of the Lakme India Fashion week which is held twice a year and their products Lakmé Perfect Radiance and Lakmé eye-conic kajal that were launched in 2012 gained significant market share and popular products even today.


A company that was founded by Samir Modi in 2004. The company was set up by Mr. Modi as he believed that the available cosmetic and beauty products were not suited for the Indian skin tone and those which were available were out of budget to be used for daily wear. Their share in the Indian beauty cosmetics market includes products like lipsticks, nail polishes, mascara, foundation and kajal pencil etc all of which they brought out in peppy and trendy colours.


Biotique was launched by Vinita Jain in the year 1984. This brand stand out in the world of cosmetics as it doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives or synthetic ingredients.  The ingredients used are extracted naturally from herbs. Also, the herbs and plants that used for extracting raw material for their range of products are monitored from its nascent stage to ensure that the end product is completely organic.

Their range covers skin care, hair care, body care, baby care products etc and all at affordable prices.

Shahnaz Husain

This brand was founded in the 1970’s by Shahnaz Husain group owner Shahnaz Husain herself. It is now one of the Indian leading Indian cosmetic brands. This brand also tries to harness the natural goodness of Ayurveda. Today, it has about 350 products spread out over different categories such as skin, hair, and make-up. The brand’s USP is the research they do to ensure superior grade product quality. Their wide range of products are known for their Ayurvedic or herbal formulae and these are also known for their healing properties.

Himalaya Herbals

A very popular beauty and and cosmetic brand in India. The Himalaya Drug Company was founded in the year 1930 by Mr. M. Manal who had a vision to make Ayurveda accessible to the world.  Himalaya has been able to patent a few of its products such as sunscreen, Under-Eye Cream, Anti-Acne range and Hair Loss cream among others from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Himalaya is known for its popular face wash ‘Purifying Neem’ which is very popular in a country like India where problems like acne and greasy skin are common. Their wide range of products includes everything from health, beauty, wellness and cosmetics.

Lotus Herbals

The company Lotus Herbals Ltd. was set up in the year 1993 by Mr. Kamal Passi. The product list of Lotus herbals includes face cleansers, sunscreens, winter care, hair oils, and shampoos. Their products were priced at least 10-15%  lower than their contemporary brands in the segment. This brand’s USP is that it is an amalgamation of traditional knowledge along with modern technology. They believe in making use of herbal ingredients and making their product devoid of chemical-based, synthetic cosmetics.


Another one from the herbal segment, VLCC has a wide range of health and cosmetic products. Their range consists of many skin care, hair care, body care, body firming and shaping, foot care products that suit all Indian skin types.

Elle 18

A brand owned by Hindustan Unilever Ltd and was launched in 1998. This brand has a clear customer segmentation which targets the youth with its choice of colours and appeal. The price of its products are also decided based on the affordability of the youth. Their range like color pops, color bombs have the quirkiest colors ever. Their range includes nail colors, eye colors, lipsticks, eye shadows, eye liners etc.

Forest Essentials

Founded by Mira Kulkarni with a limited range of soaps and oils in 2000. With the same niche of herbal and Ayurveda which already had big players, bringing up the range was tuff. In 2007, Forest Essentials teamed up with international brand Estée Lauder Companies. Their ingredients include unprocessed cold pressed oils, pure plant herbs, essential oils and flower infusions to name a few. Today, they have an extensive range of skin care and hair care products.

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