Thu. Aug 5th, 2021

Fitness tips, strategies from an expert

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Throughout the week, from 7pm to 8pm, it is hard to miss the loud music that plays at The Lord’s Gym at Joka’s hotel in Bweyogerere, a city suburb. The music will play in the background while a group of individuals perform uniform exercise routines under the guidance of Henry Kabaseke Mukasa, their fitness trainer.
One Saturday evening, I found six men and two women, under dancing to various songs. “Dance… dance…dance…” Mukasa shouted to the group, “I want to see you sweating out all the fats…dance!”
Mukasa kept guiding them on what dance moves to engage in as the song played until the end. One could tell that the group were enjoying themselves as they continuously laughed at each other’s dance strokes.
Thereafter, the instructor went on to play other songs as the group did body stretching and weight lifts. By the end of the class, Mukasa was exhausted and requested we have the interview the following day, a Sunday. We met at 10am at the same venue.
Mukasa started the conversation by mentioning that he has been a fitness trainer for more than 15 years. Part of his workouts include dancing, boxing, push-ups, squats, lifting weights, jogging and cycling, among other forms of exercise.
“This is what I teach participants during our fitness trainings,” he says. Mukasa only schedules his classes in the evening. A few years ago, he tried setting up a few classes in the morning but these were hardly attended. He stuck to only having evening fitness classes. Read More

There is a lot of weight-loss advice coming from so many different sources, whether you read it in a magazine or hear it on someone’s Instagram Story. It’s hard to weed out which info is the most effective and the most healthy. Look no further! We’ve enlisted expert tips from dietitians and fitness trainers, so you can follow this advice knowing it’s safe and it’ll work.

Don’t Diet!
Dieting usually involves overexercising and extreme calorie restriction, which often includes swearing off certain foods. Registered dietitian Leslie Langevin, MS, RD, CD, of Whole Health Nutrition, says “cutting out too much” isn’t sustainable. Avoiding foods like sugar, alcohol, and carbs can make you feel so deprived that you won’t be able to control those natural cravings, forcing you to overindulge. You’ll end up consuming way more calories than you would normally, which can make the scale numbers go up. Read More

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