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Forget the woolly jumper! Nutritionist reveals the FOOD that will keep you warm during the cold snap – including cinnamon buns and scotch eggs

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The UK’s most vulnerable children and young people face unimaginable challenges. We’ve partnered with giving platform Clarissa to raise funds for two charities – the NSPCC and The Children’s Society – to try to help turn things around for them. You can help make a difference – please donate now. With a severe weather warning in place across London many of us will be reaching for extra layers and cranking the heating up. But according to experts a change in your diet could be the answer to keeping toasty during the cold snap.  A report by RIFT TAX Refunds has revealed the foods and ingredients which are scientifically proven to keep you warm through the winter.

Women are even more likely to feel the chills this winter, as on average the female office worker has a metabolic rate 35 per cent lower than men, meaning we should be reaching for thermogenic foods.Nutritionist, Clarissa Lenherr adds ‘Diet-induced thermogenesis can help you stay warm throughout our coldest months and keeps your stomach happy. ‘By eating foods high in fibre, protein, complex carbohydrates and spice can encourage our bodies to convert calories into heat and consequently keep us toasty and warm’

Clarissa has created three packed lunches that are all packed full of foods designed to keep you warm as the temperatures drop.


Clarissa recommends eating oatmeal to stay cosy. It’s a great thermogenic food and is filled with phytochemicals and nutrients that release energy slowly throughout the day to keep your body warm.

Beef is great when you find yourself in chilly conditions because it is a fantastic source of iron, which is crucial for circulating your blood. The high calorie and fat content found in beef makes it the perfect fuel for your body, simply partner with wholemeal bread and make it a sandwich. Clarissa says: ‘This packed lunch is filled with complex carbohydrates of the oats and wholemeal bread this will prolong our digestive process, heat us up and also provide a slow release of consistent energy for the day’ Finish off with a sweet treat, a slice of ginger cake to complete the perfect packed lunch.  Ginger enhances the thermogenic properties and helps blood circulation in our bodies making it a great source of warmth.


A hearty portion of leek and potato soup can do wonders for you, providing enough energy to keep you warm all day. That’s because leeks are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that help your heart pump blood around the body more quickly, preventing coldness to your limbs, keeping you warmer. Speeding up your metabolism is a great way to warm your body, and eggs are great for this.  Nutritionist Clarissa says: ‘protein, provided by the scotch eggs, is the hardest macronutrient to breakdown which means our digestive system has to work harder to break it down, thereby generating more heat’.

Adding a scotch egg to your packed lunch could not only raise your metabolism, but the vitamin B12 found in the egg breaks down body fat. Cinnamon possesses plenty of warming properties, so think about introducing it into your lunch with a cinnamon bun.  Clarissa suggests that the cinnamon spice ‘can naturally increase your circulation’ ultimately keeping your vital organs warm and preventing you from feeling a chill. Finish off your lunchtime with a cup of tea, adding a spoonful of honey instead of sugar for a warming touch; not only does it give your brew a sweetness, but it is great for raising your metabolism to protect you from chills.

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