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Wasp venom offers hope against lung diseases

In a study over mice, the team repurposed a toxin normally found in Polybia paulista — a South American wasp ...
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International Day of Disabled Persons 2018: 5 ways people with disabilities are more vulnerable to poor health

New Delhi: Every year, 3rd December is celebrated as International Day of Disabled Persons. The global observance, promoted by the ...
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Study: Friends Can Help Kids Cope With Bad Parents

FRIENDSHIPS THAT children make during their early years in school can offset bad behaviors they develop as a result from harsh ...
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How you react to stress may predict brain health

New research finds that our response to even minor daily stressors, such as getting stuck in traffic or queuing for ...
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IHH Healthcare completes Fortis deal by acquiring 31% stake

New Delhi: Malaysia’s IHH Healthcare Bhd has become the controlling shareholder of Fortis Healthcare Ltd by acquiring a 31.1% stake in ...
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New-Age Parenting And Rebellious Teens

Looking around today, the scene of kids holding gadgets or other forms of technology is not rare. Talking about childhood, ...
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Taylor’s Harrowing Heart-Attack Tale

Former England batsman James Taylor has revealed the terrifying extent of the heart problems that forced his retirement at the ...
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Health care is an essential human right – and so is a proper diagnosis

Health is a human right. And yet, the sad reality is that, 40 years after the Alma Ata declaration pledging ...
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