Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

Why Your Daily Workout Routine Isn’t Working

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Improving your health and fitness takes time and hard work. You shouldn’t expect to see changes after one or two workouts, but if your daily workout routine isn’t producing noticeable results after a month or so, there might be a good reason why.

How do you know if your exercise routine isn’t working? According to Beachbody fitness expert Cody Braun, there are a few telltale signs: “Lack of progress toward your goal, lack of performance improvement, and new or nagging injuries,” he says. William P. Kelley, C.S.C.S, ACT, adds that your daily workout routine could be lacking if you no longer get sore from your workouts, meaning “you [probably] aren’t overloading the muscle enough to elicit change,” he explains.

If you’re unsure about the efficacy of your daily workout routine, assess your situation: Do you still look the same after 6 months of exercise? Are you lifting the same amount of weight you did when you started? Do you have new or worsening injuries? Are you losing muscle? These all may be indicators that you need to change your approach to exercising.

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