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World Kidney Day 2019: 6 Tips You Need to Follow to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

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World Kidney Day, observed on March 14 every year, is a day dedicated to spreading awareness about health issues afflicting one of the most vital organs in our body. Kidneys essentially filter toxins from our body. They also play an important role in maintaining the good functioning of the urinary system. When your kidneys are affected and when they stop functioning properly, you could suffer from a number of conditions like chronic kidney disease and acute kidney failure, among other kidney complications.

Did you know that Chronic Kidney Disease is one of the major reasons for mortality among people over 30 years of age, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO)? Kidney complications have scarily common among today’s youth. It is important to keep in mind a few pointers when it comes to keeping your kidneys healthy. You must make sure you follow these tips right from a young age to avoid complications in the future.

Cut down sugar and salt intake: Reducing sodium and sugar in your diet is going to be excellent for your kidneys. This will help maintain blood sugar and blood pressure, both of which are vital to keep diseases like obesity and diabetes, some of the important risk factors for kidney diseases, at bay.

Eat right: Certain kidney-friendly foods must feature in your daily diet. This includes fresh vegetables and fruits, green leafy vegetables, herbs, spices which have the ability to prevent and stop the progression of kidney diseases. You need to up your intake of healthy foods like whole grains, legumes, dals, fish, nuts and other sources of nutrients too.

Hydrate regularly: One of the most important ways to keep kidney complications away is to ensure you drink plenty of water. Water ensures you eliminate toxins from your body at regular intervals and helps detoxify your body. Lack of water could cause painful conditions like kidney stones.

Indulge in physical activity: Any kind of exercise will ensure that you get your blood pumping and your heart rate up. This will regulate your weight, keep obesity away and maintain your BMI. All of these will ensure that your kidneys stay healthy.

Schedule health checkups: Before dreaded diseases sneak up on you, make sure you get your health checkups done regularly to know if you are at risk of lifestyle diseases. Timely checkups and consultation with your doctor can help prevent kidney diseases. Intervention at early stages is key to preventing kidney complications in the future.

Stop smoking and reduce your alcohol intake: Tobacco consumption and excess alcohol intake are some of the sure shot ways to get kidney diseases. Both alcohol and smoking can increase the number of toxins in your body and hamper the proper functioning of your kidneys and other organs. Cutting down on both these will help restore your kidneys to good health.

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